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 Kirit is seemingly everywhere and trying to retain him may seem hard, because there is a waiting list, but it is absolutely worth it. Don't lose the chance. I am responsible for my family's myriad business interests. I took over the mantle when my brother passed away. I knew I needed professional help beyond what was out there. At Harvard I met Kirit. I asked for mentorship and when an opening became available, 4 months later, I seized the opportunity. Today, 4 years on Kirit is my closest advisor and my family businesses have

rocketed from a net annual profit of $20million to $180M.  


Zarina Gaffar: International BusinessWoman

Living a better life
(weekend course - 2 full days) 

This course incorporates the principles of our ‘A blueprint for success’ course, plus the following:



• More tools and exercises designed to build up
  the mental muscle
• Workshops that reveal your true values
• The relationship between cause and effect
• How to live pain-free
• How to harness unlimited energy
• Tap into your inner power and attract what
  you deserve

Call 0845 475 2940 for prices and availability
Dates and venues to be announced

Welcome to your life  
(4 full days)


This course incorporates all of the above and also offers skills to help you become a better communicator and leader. It includes powerful tools, techniques and strategies.
  • Overcome all obstacles, both past and present
• Live life to its fullest
• Accelerate your success
• Learn how to mentor, coach and lead others
Call 0845 475 2940 for prices and availability
Dates and venues to be announced

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