Corporate Specific Training


 "Kirit offered to coach me and I am delighted to highly recommend his services.
My team bid for and secured 3 major contracts that revolutionised our finances. 
His techniques for motivation are powerful and the public communication skills we gained 
continue to win big business. If you have the opportunity to be trained by him, don’t miss it. 
You will thank yourself for years to come."

Richard Chalmer: Former lawyer now property trader


Being effective at work (1 day)

Our corporate trainings are designed and tailored specifically for your management and staff. They will be tailored to focus on a specific issue or set of goals.

• The key skills and processes to help you
  understand your business
• How to set a goal and make it work for everyone

• Making the sale
• Team building: effective teams are more productive
• How to create instant increases in sales
• Networking and how to do it right
• Process
• Effective communication


Click here to see a short video from Kirit about our Corporate Specific Training



A selection of the following modules can be included or expanded upon to meet your specific learning objectives:

• Customer service – why putting the customer first
  makes common sense
• Production – how to keep productivity at its highest
• R&D – motivating your R&D team to be
  creative and productive
• PR and marketing – the importance of effective
  internal and external communications
• Finance
• Credit Control
• HR – ensuring that your team is approachable,
  reliable and effective
• Sales – motivating your sales team and
  maximising on sales
• Why cross-functional teams work

Dates and venues to be announced

Living the business  (2.5 days)

This course includes all of the above, as well as powerful experiential workshops to help you carry forward the techniques you have learned into your company:

• Business planning that works: 10 simple tools to
  transform your outlook
• Developing a positive approach to create success
  • How to pitch for and win business in new markets
• Your CSR policy: why you are losing out if you
  don’t have one
• Why failing to train is training to fail
• Powerful communication tips to help you
  connect better
Dates and venues to be announced. Please contact for details of structuring be spoke "in house" programs.

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